How we see the industry

During the last 10 years, we have seen a dramatic change in the eco system around marketing in the world. The value has moved from traditional media houses to new social services. The introduction of programmatic advertising management has created a significate change in the control of advertising distribution and have added more cost for the players in the market. Programmatic advertising handling has also, with its simplicity, opened for tremendous growth in distribution of ads, which has given traditional news publishers a hard time due to lack of control, less value and smaller part of the budgets distributed to them.

The Marketplace has become a semi-automatic solution with a huge variety of players. With all that now have taken a role in the advertising value chain, distribution of ads gets slower and less effective every day. The programmatic solution should be the new holy grail for the ecosystem, but has instead become a hurdle with high costs associated. 

Some claim that the solution to the new challenges are to join the new largest player and let them handle the business for you. Adnuntius is of the opposite view, and we have created a real holistic solution to help the parties the re-gain their old position and win back the lost opportunities. Full control, all advertising sources available, use of customer-owned data and real-time yielding mechanisms that are bringing the most revenue. To win the battle you need to be prepared.


Increase everyday work speed

Most advertising systems take a few minutes to publish campaigns. Not a big deal, right? Well, not until you’ve experienced real-time publishing. Forget about disrupting your workday by going back to check whether campaigns are working appropriately; just press save, refresh your site and see the ad live – then go about your day.

Spend time on reporting? We automate the whole process for you – just create a campaign and decide who should see what, and the system will take care of the rest. 

Tired of chasing advertisers or designers for creative material? We reduce that time to a minimum with our workspaces that help you plan your day, and reduce administrative tasks to a click of a button.


Optimize site speed and control

Websites take longer and longer to load, and we don’t want to be part of the problem; especially as viewable impressions becomes a requirement from buyers, meaning that the traditional top banner is starting to lose its value. That is why we cover hygiene factors like lazy asynchronous loading (and viewable impression reporting) and composed ad serving out of the box.

We enable you to load content with the “standard ad tag” (javascript delivering responses in HTML format). We also let you get responses in JSON format along with rich information about the creative, so that you can deploy campaigns on your site while staying in full control of everything that happens.

Programmatic ads usually take a long time to load, but not with Adnuntius: We have server-side integrations with world leading SSPs, meaning that previously turtle-speed ad loading transforms into rabbit warp speed impressions.


Stay connected and valuable

Programmatic advertising keeps rising, and for good reason: It offers an automated workflow where both buyer and seller data can be used in new ways. Prices also keep improving, much because of private deals where rich data can be applied to ensure that buyers get exactly the audience they want to reach.

Using  server-side integrations to our SSP partners, we enable publishers to maximize revenue of every ad impression across direct and programmatic sources. You can of course run a traditional sequential prioritization process where direct ads are first priority, but we believe that with programmatic unit prices on the rise, publishers need to start prioritizing the highest bidder, and introduce a pricing strategy that ensures that programmatic and direct are both premium channels.


Extend the use of your data

As a marketer and publisher alike, your golden asset in advertising is data. As a marketer you can use your data for media buying across the entire programmatic ecosystem, using your data for user matching. We have integrated seamlessly with our demand side platform, enabling you to extend your visibility and execute a strategy coordinating marketing messages on your properties as well as those of others. In cases where publishers and advertisers agree, Adnuntius enables data sharing, enabling stronger direct relations between advertisers and selected publisher partners.

As a publisher you can use your data not only on your properties, but also on those of others. Think of how agencies do it: They use their, or advertisers’, data in private deals where they are shown on publishing sites. This is what you can do too, just with your premium data instead. The world of data offerings is huge, but few data providers provide quality data. Most programmatic offerings are based on the same set of matching data, and create few differences in performance.  As a publisher, you can use your own data to match the right ads to the right users, meaning that your data that will be unique to your offerings.

Last but not least, we enable you to easy employ any data source together with our platform. Our Distributed Data Store offers a fast, scalable way to easily push data to Adnuntius. The data is still yours, it is safely stored, and applied in real time as we ensure that our adserver and data servers are located near each other. 

The Adnuntius team has wide experience in collecting, managing and using data, in compliance with EU's data privacy regulation. Adnuntius do also offer data sources that are unique for different markets.