Adnuntius is a fully integrated end-to-end technical system provider, enabling the speediest and most effective advertising services.  Full integration is crucial for us, to be able to deliver the optimal customer marketing matching. Adnuntius strive to serve our customers with all the tools they need to make the day to day work as effective and productive as possible.

Core Advertising platform

The Adnuntius ad platform is built on a new technical architecture enabling effective and integrated ad serving. Adnuntius is cloud-based (no local installation needed) and very easy to implement. We put all our resources into developing the world's fastest platform, and integrate 3rd party systems into our core. 

We enable you, of course, to handle all types of advertising; cost models like CPM, CPC and guaranteed, and formats like display, text, native and video. With our flexible layout structure there are few restrictions. 

The platform also enables you to compare in real time prices from programmatic channels with those of your own, and then choose the most valuable ad. With our core platform and its server-side integrations to programmatic marketplaces, you will immediately experience increased revenue through a new pricing and prioritization mechanism.

You can also use our powerful API to build any services on top of our core.


Data gathering and management

Serving advertisement is great, but the true value of digital advertising lies in correct usage of data. Adnuntius offers out-of-the-box integration to systems offering the most advanced personalization and data handling in the market. Using our datastore solution, our customers take control of their audience data, and create an exclusive marketplace for that data.


Supply side platform

Adnuntius comes with server-side integrations to some of the world’s leading SSP providers. We believe in a best-in-class strategy where we provide you with the world’s fastest and best ad platform, while our trusted partners provide the greatest SSP capabilities. To you as a customer, our promise is to deliver a seamless experience nonetheless. Adnuntius offering an end-to-end invoice system for programmatic sales, included integrated reporting with other sales reports. The Adnuntius platform is built to enable customers to use their own data set also for programmatic offering, combined with deal IDs.


Demand side platform

While integrating to a demand side platform sounds weird to some publishers, the value is considerable: Adnuntius’ DSP technology integration enables publishers to offer audience extension to their advertisers, including a data leakage safe use of customer data. With us the publisher can be an agency for its advertisers. This is also great if you as a publisher can sell more impressions than you can serve – you can still serve the impressions to your users, but when they go to other sites.


Ad operations services

Some publishers want to control ad operations and make sure that this important process stays in-house. But others realize cost savings by outsourcing the service. Adnuntius has agreement with service providers that enable us to offer reasonably priced ad operations services where traffickers experienced with Adnuntius will help you out.


Professional services

The digital advertising ecosystem is so complex that sometimes there are great benefits in bringing in someone who has worked enough with it to see through the complexities and offer simple solutions. Every member of our team has worked with digital advertising for at least a decade, and has sharpened their teeth on every part of the development of the ecosystem. We offer highly capable professional services within a range of categories; cross-channel marketing strategy, digital ad strategy, deployment of programmatic advertising, data strategies, and more.


Implementation services

Finally, we certainly have people who are ready to help you with deploying any kind of technology we offer. You want to start learning about your users? No problem, we can get you started in minutes. Want to deploy our ad platform? No problem, we know all about it.