Get educated

Here you will find an overview of future live education sessions we offer in order to keep you up to date with everything we do. If you are a reader more than a listener, you can also get a full overview of our functionality at Last but not least you will also find recordings of earlier live sessions below.

Videos from earlier sessions

We do our best to video-tape all education sessions so that everyone can enjoy them after the call. Here you will find some videos that you can watch to better understand our platform:

INVENTORY SESSION (OCT 29 2018): This video is intended for ad operations, product owners and developers. You will learn about earnings accounts, sites, site groups and ad units. You will also learn how to take advantage of features such as automated reporting, diagnostics and making your inventory targeting-ready with labels and more.

ADMIN SESSION (OCT 29 2018): This video teaches you about the main concepts of the admin section. It is intended for adops, product owners and developers. The session including how to set up users, teams and roles, custom events, reference data, tiers, and integrations to data and programmatic partners.

DMP AND WORKSPACES (OCT 29 2018): This session teaches you how to create segments using the Cxense DMP, and how to set up workspaces. We will also introduce you to a set of use cases and examples. The session is intended for anyone using the Cxense user interface.

ADVERTISING SESSION (OCT 29 2018): Once you have watched the inventory session above, this is a great next step. It is intended for adops, product owners and developers. Here you will learn how to create advertisers, orders, line items and creatives, you will learn how to apply campaign targeting, how to run diagnostics, and how to set up (automated) reporting.

DEVELOPER’S SESSION (OCT 29 2019): This class is intended for developers, and is about understanding our APIs (for the ad platform and DMP), and the capabilities of the advertising and insight javascripts. We will also introduce you to layouts, a great way of introducing new ad formats and add various features to creatives.

Future sessions

Below you will find a list of classes and sessions that all aim to provide education on how our and our partners’ technology stacks function. Choose your preferred meeting time, sign up, and off you go! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at