ADNUNTIUS DEMOGRAPHY ENABLES YOU TO TARGET USERS BY THEIR income and purchasing power, fortune, car ownership, housing situation and more.

Why Adnuntius Demography

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Real. Stop trying to make assumptions about users based on their browsing behavior, and start bring real statistical insights about every user to the table. Adnuntius Demography brings you real data to give you excellent quality, combined with full reach.

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Valuable. Knowledge about income, purchasing power, car ownership and housing situation does not just give you valuable information about your users or customers; for any marketer or publisher relying on user insight to provide value, Adnuntius Demography could be your partner to better knowledge and improved targeting.

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Wide reaching: You request, we return information. And for almost every user; Adnuntius Demography holds valuable information and is able to identify 97% of the audience.

Safe: Rather than dealing with personally identifiable information, Adnuntius Demography brings you statistical insights for 10 people closest to any position. Our technology thus keeps you compliant with privacy legislation, including the GDPR.

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Connected. Adnuntius Demography isn’t just connected to our other systems; we can connect to your systems, whether it is a DMP, CRM system or other. We enable you to make the most use of the data in the context that brings the most value to you; in targeted advertising, customer service or other purposes.

Knowing which of our users have high income enables us to charge a premium on our advertising products to high end buyers
— CEO, Norwegian Niche Content Publisher

Markets we serve

Marketing and eCommerce. John Wanamaker said that “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”. We enable you to improve the effect of your spending. Read more about the Adnuntius Marketer Suite.

Publishing. Increase the value of your advertising products through a wide reaching and valuable data set surpassed by none. Read more about the Adnuntius Publisher Suite.