We offer an API-first advertising platform enabling you to design your own advertising system without investing in large, distributed software to execute thousands of events per second. We have done the heavy lifting of creating a modern-world advertising platform, and we want to share it.

Who are you?

Are you a CMS company looking for new business areas? Why not sew an advertising system right into your CMS to enable not only super-fast adserving, but an entirely integrated platform covering all content on a publisher’s website?

Are you an adserving company struggling with legacy? Adserving has not received a lot of attention the last years as programmatic buying and selling has captured the attention of investors - but according to current trends, direct adserving definitely has its benefits and value to propose. If you are one of those companies in dire need of a technology lift, why not have a talk to us? Chances are we have done that lifting for you already.

Are you a DMP wanting your customers to use your DMP to create better advertising audiences? We know that it can be difficult to create segments that really provide advertiser ROI, especially when that ROI is defined by click- and conversion rates. And many hoped that developing lookalike modeling would solve the problem, only to realize they lack the data to look for. This is why we’ve developed our ad platform to easily send clicks and conversions per IAB category, advertiser, campaign and creative back to DMPs, so that these DMPs can really lift their value propositions to their customers. There is much valuable data in adserving, and we enable you to act on it.

Adnuntius is your whitelabel partner in adserving, as we offer APIs that can handle anything required to quickly build your own advertising system. We are a DMP-independent, SSP-independent, DSP-independent, BI-independent and CMS-independent partner that can easily connect to your business and add to your value proposition. Read more about benefits you can offer your customers…

The Adnuntius API allows us to do virtually anything. No other advertising technology in the world can offer anything similar
— CTO, Technology Customer