THe Adnuntius Marketer Suite enables you to manage all (targeted) digital marketing efforts across your own properties and external ones. We are a simple to use service that covers all needs of modern digital marketing.

Why Adnuntius Marketer Suite?

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Manage ads and budgets across channels: Increase return on marketing spending by allowing our smart systems figure out where to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

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Coordinate omni-channel messaging: Create a coherent user journey by coordiating your own properties with your marketing in external channels - with each and every user.

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Keep it all gathered: Consolidate your marketing data back to real people and unified reports, resolving identity and performance across data silos and advertising channels.

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Automate creative design: Automatically upload your entire product inventory to the marketing platform and match them with behavioural segments - all to reduce campaign creation timespend to a minimum

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Effectively measure ROI by tracking revenue per user compared to the marketing spending on transforming that user into a paying customer. Save money by better knowing which channel partner created each conversion.


Control viewability: Keep control of performance statistics in your own system, receive reliable viewability numbers, and book campaigns to deliver on viewables only to manage spending where the effect is real.

When we insourced the agency function and started using Adnuntius, we quintupled the number of conversions we received for every dollar invested in digital marketing
— CEO, Norwegian eCommerce Company