adnuntius Advertising is the world’s fastest ad platform, and allows you to market to customers across multiple digital channels.

Why Adnuntius advertising?

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Coordinate your digital marketing campaigns from one place. Whether you want to serve ads to your direct publishing partners, programmatically, through Facebook, or with newsletters or text messages to your loyal customers, you will have one place to manage it all.

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Work faster. Serve ads faster than ever before, and improve viewability. With Adnuntius you can serve ads faster than ever - without having to rely on synchronous loading. Reduce time spent on admin tasks with smart tools such as automated reporting, automated campaign optimization and global search.

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Cross-channel reporting simplified. No more siloed reports from multiple places; Adnuntius gives you the performance insights you need in one place. And we enable you to automate the reporting process with templates and scheduled distribution.

Serve any format. Display ads, video, native, parallax, and the next big thing. No matter what you dream up in terms of your campaign’s look and feel, we have you covered. The only restriction on your campaign’s design to engage your customers should be your imagination!

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Ensure compliancy. Adnuntius keeps you on the right side of the law, as we keep you compliant with privacy legislation such as the GDPR and ePrivacy. Assume opt-in or opt-out by default, and control which data is being used in any advertisement.

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Easily connect to your data management platform of choice, or ask us for a great offer on systems that collect data for you. Adnuntius Advertising ensures that you are able to activate the insights you have about your users and target your ads.

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Optimize revenues cross-channel. Always serve the content or ad that returns the most. With Adnuntius’ learning algorithms you can let the machine optimize between your ads, programmatic ads, commercial offerings, subscription offerings and more.

This is the quickest system I have ever used - working in true real-time adserving creates major improvement in our everyday work.
— CTO, Swedish News Publisher

Markets we serve

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Publishing. A platform for publishers who want full flexibility in their data-driven adserving, including the ability to build their own business models. We provide speed, revenue optimization and insight. Read more about the Adnuntius Publisher Suite.

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Marketing and eCommerce. A one-stop shop for advertising in all marketing channels, across your own properties, programmatic channels and direct deals. All with one objective in mind: Find the right buyer for your value proposition. Read more about the Adnuntius Marketer Suite.

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Technology. Are you building your own adserver, or are your customers using adservers? Try out our API-first platform to build your very own advertising platform on top of the world's fastest ad technology. Read more about the Adnuntius Tech API.