We offer a full-stack platform and consulting services for publishers, marketers and technology companies who want to execute a data-driven and effective marketing and advertising strategy.

Markets we serve

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Publishers: Regain control of data, advertising and subscription optimization with the world’s fastest and most flexible end-to-end advertising and data solution for publishers. We offer a platform that covers consent management, data collection, cross-channel digital adserving and performance-based AI. We enbale publishers to create, manage and optimize advertising as well as editorial content from one platform, using one set of data. Read more…

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Marketers: Identify, resolve and engage your audience at scale, wherever they may roam. The marketer suite enables you to manage all (targeted) digital marketing efforts across your own properties and external ones. We offer a simple to use service that covers all needs of modern digital marketing. Read more…

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Tech companies: Create your very own advertising platform in three months rather than three years. We offer an API-first whitelabel platform enabling you to design your own value proposition without investing in large distributed software to execute thousands of events per second. We have done the heavy lifting of creating a modern-world ad platform, and we want to share it. Read more…

products we offer

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Adnuntius Advertising: Deliver marketing messages across digital channels with the world’s fastest and most flexible advertising service, and optimize revenue across your advertisers’ messages, subscription offerings and any other commercial message. Read more about Adnuntius Advertising…

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Adnuntius Data: Get a unified view of your users across customer touchpoints, and create advertising ready audience segments using consistent user profiles. We collect rich sets of data about users and content, and allow you to define the data important for you, define audiences, and activate the insights in marketing. Read more about Adnuntius Data…


Adnuntius Import: Get your or your customers’ products and services advertising ready in seconds by automating the import of images, text, pricing and everything an ad can be made from. Adnuntius Import is an optional tool delivered together with Adnuntius Advertising. The purpose of this application is to reduce the time spent to create advertisements by making all your products and services advertising ready with a simple click of a button.

Adnuntius Demography: Increase the value of advertising with real, valuable and wide reaching demographic insights about your users; Adnuntius enables your to target users by their income, purchasing power, fortune, car ownership, housing situation and more. Read more about Adnuntius Demography…


Adnuntius Consent: Stay compliant with data privacy legislation such as the GDPR and ePrivacy; we have you covered with both our technology and everyone else's. We allow you to categorize your technologies by purpose, and empower users to choose whether or not to be tracked. Read more about Adnuntius Consent…

This is the quickest system I have ever used - working in true real-time adserving creates major improvement in our everyday work.
— CTO; Swedish News Publisher


Pick and choose what’s right for you, or use us for the whole value chain.

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Let’s get you safe and future proof regarding data privacy legislation, including the GDPR and the expected ePrivacy. Our data governance tools provides transparency into the collection and usage of customer data, while also supplying tools for consumers to manage their data preferences.

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We tie all your marketing data back to real people resolving identity across any digital data silo. Struggling with user data being spread across your organization and in various systems? We get it all back to one single view of the user – without removing any of the systems loved by your various teams.


Aggregate, segment and augment your (unified) users. We enable you to enrich your user profiles with demographic information including income, fortune, living conditions and more, and then put customers into buckets based on common traits, whether they are based on common interests in content, demographic information, or historic interest in commercial offerings.


Market your products or services in any channel using any format, with the world’s fastest advertising engine. Adnuntius enables you align marketing across your own properties, the programmatic landscape, and more. Increase conversions to any product or service you offer.


Last but not least, we ensure that any performance information your users provide you with, can be used to further improve your segments and in turn your return on marketing investment.

The Adnuntius API allows us to do virtually anything. No other advertising technology in the world can offer anything similar
— CTO; Technology Customer

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